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Elmvale Strong Town Construction Mitigation

Elmvale Strong Town Construction Mitigation 
Personal and Business losses 
contact # and VM   705 881  7210 
contact   Dean Northey 

An Appeal ( claim )  application road map will be posted here  by early June 2018

OMB expropriations  Funding was established because construction losses DO HAPPEN


2017 was a year of back to back construction projects on HWY # 27  Yonge Street
coming to and through Elmvale Ontario.

  • Many private individuals and Elmvale area businesses lost money due to the two back to back peak season Public Private construction Projects in Springwater . 
  • The after effect was that Elmvale lost 3 more businesses after the construction. That's on top of the 6 core businesses in 2017. 
  • Over recent decades  municipalities, the construction sector and their  project mangers  have had to provide solutions to address the needs of area residents that have been  effected by these Private Public Construction Projects.
There is a list of what municipalities and construction companies can and should do at the bottom of this page
It's in the news: Can KW businesses get compensation for losses from LRT construction? | Nelson, Watson LLP
  • The OMB have encouraged similarly affected individuals and businesses in the Province to  consider submitting a collective claim ( called an appeal ) to lower the costs and hopefully deal with all of the larger concerns at one sitting.
  • The OMB expropriations act form provides for businesses and individuals negatively impacted affected by construction projects:
  •  OMB-InfoSheet11-Expropriations.pdf

  • This is a forum for sharing  information  related to the possibility of area individuals and businesses for recouping  losses experienced from the construction along RR# 27 ( Yonge St south , Yonge street North ) during 2017 from the Fergusonville area to North of Elmvale
  • This will NOT be a debating forum.Please share All ideas related to expediting and presenting claims to the OMB ..(which is now  the LPAT)    
  •  please email to;
Web searches for similarly affected areas
Kitchener Waterloo    LRT  Project 

Hamilton LRT project  links to be added...... soon

A professional research site
If you feel that you need legal or accounting advise for this transaction, by all means engage.
But before you visit a lawyer; Do your research , make a list of questions  and remember the  $  meter is always running.

OMB past appeals.
Please explore the OMB/LPAT site archives. They have posted  have many cases that are very similar to what we have experienced here in the Elmvale Area in 2017.

OMB / LPAT   have a complaints  coordinator 

I have included a wonderful  Construction Mitigation study from the City of Milwaukee.
This study demonstrates the  often used and effective approaches in North America to prevent financial losses to residents and businesses. As well as post construction remediation ideas that work.

A broader  professional approach used by the construction sector and municipalities else where can be found in the link to this study;

 City of Milwaukee: - 2010-construction.pdf

This is a partial list of what wasn't done for Elmvale area  Individuals and Merchants 

  • Communication
  • Mailings, email, fliers, phone with stakeholders
  • Public meetings
  • Open meetings with stakeholders
  • Signage
  • Postings to inform public
  • Website /hot-line
  • Radio Information PSA’a  ( the local  radio stations had their own Avoid Elmvale notices for several months )
  • Informational telephone operator or updates and information available on the internet
  • Program liaison
  • Position designate to interact with stakeholders
  • Parking
  • Efforts to ensure adequate parking by business staff and customers
  • Paid advertising
  • Fully or partially funded advertising effort by city

  • Cooperation with local entities
  • Inclusion of resources from community organizations or development groups
  • Business education
  • Instruction to assist business operation
  • Loan
  • Public or private loan to business
  • Art
  • Temporary pieces incorporated into construction site
  • Cooperation with higher education institution
  • Inclusion of resources from a college/university
  • Direct compensation
  • Financial resources distributed to business with no repayment expected.